Shearwell Australia

Our team here in Bendigo, Victoria is here to help you. We’re close to the Bendigo Livestock Exchange. You can ring us, visit us, email or text with any questions you’ve got about stick readers, race readers, weigh scales, visual or electronic tags – in fact anything related to animal identification.

We’ve been here in our new Bendigo base since 2012 but Shearwell have been supplying farmers in Australia with NLIS ear tags since 2011 and with other ear tags and equipment for even longer.

How did we get here?

Shearwell and animal identification go back a long way. Impressed by an aluminium sheep tag while he was shearing sheep in Norway, Richard Webber (Director of Shearwell Data) bought the machine that made them. Shearwell then began its own production of PAT aluminium sheep tags.

Next came a thermal printing machine to print plastic cattle, sheep and pig tags followed by a laser machine for permanent printing. Shearwell then began to develop handling systems and software based around electronic identification.

Today Shearwell is one of the leaders in the field of Data Capture and Data Transfer in the livestock industry. Electronic identification increases both traceability and profitability through improved and more efficient livestock management. And to address the increased consumer and regulatory demand for traceability, Shearwell has been pioneering Electronic Identification around the world.

Our toughest critics

‘We test and use all our systems ourselves, with our own livestock, with the aim of achieving improved handling and profit from the systems we supply. With our contractor background it has been vital to get our products just right and to ensure they perform efficiently. Tag retention is very important to us and trials in Canada have shown 99.5% retention over three years with 50,000 tags.’

And this is what others say about our products:

‘We have tried a number of different RFIDs and we are finding the Shearwell tags have excellent readability and tag retention.’ S. Wilson

‘The Shearwell EID tags are fantastic; this is the first tag we use at lambing and it enables us to gather information early and easily. Our sheep have not yet lost a tag and the amount of data you can have printed on them is great!’ N. Stanwyck

Shearwell Australia Pty Ltd
184 Murphy Street
VIC 3550

Tel: 1800 998 934
Fax: 1300 977 843


Shearwell Australia, Bendigo office with Brendan Nolan and Sam Webber

Brendan Nolan with Sam Webber from the UK office