Auto Draft Management Crate

  • Fully RFID-integrated
  • Fast, accurate recording of weight and other data
  • Hands free weighing and drafting

Save time and effort when drafting your livestock and get it all right first time. Decide how you want to draft out your animals – weight, gender, breed, health problems, management group etc. – and then let the Shearwell Auto Drafter do it for you. Automatically. It’s easy, fast and above all accurate.

Sheep exiting auto drafting crate watched by operatorThe Shearwell Auto Drafter combines a Handheld Stock Recorder, a Race Reader, antenna, weigh head and switcher. This is a rugged yet portable unit and the compressor for the drafting crate can be powered by either mains or battery so you can take it wherever you need it.

Using the Shearwell Auto Drafter coupled with the Shearwell Intelligent Race Reader to scan the sheep tags allows you to draft out animals based on any saved criteria as well as according to their current weight. And because all gates, the in gates and the multiple out gates, are controlled pneumatically, mob management becomes faster, fool-proof and much more effective.

There are so many ways you can draft out animals. The video below gives a good idea of how easy it is to use and how efficient it is in practice.

Drafting made easy

Five images demonstrating the way animals pass through an autodrafter for sheep.
Drafting Gates

A three-way drafting pneumatic gate system. With anti-banging to avoid stressing the animals and for added durability. Solid construction withstands years of hard use.
Weighing & Reading Area

The crate keeps animals secure and immobilised without stress. This makes handling them efficient and easy.
Automatic Back Gate

The automatic back gate prevents animals from backing out and prevents animals behind from forcing their way through.

Schematic image showing how the autodrafter is served by load bars, EID reader, weigh head, stock recorder and RFID antennas.

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