Hand holds Shearwell stick reader with thumb poised close to  control button.

Shearwell EID Stick Reader

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Reads all approved RFID tags
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Make light work of recording large numbers of fast-moving animals. With the Shearwell Stick Reader one person can quickly identify and record the IDs of all your livestock.

It saves time, effort and manpower. Just point, scan, record and store all the data you need. That’s data on up to 16,000 animals, organized into up to 26 management groups. All on a single stick.

Scanning is quick, easy and accurate, with a visual alert if you miss a read.

Stick Reader and accessories in optional protective carrying/storage case The Shearwell Stick Reader comes with a rechargeable battery and both mains and in-car chargers and an optional mobile printer. The Shearwell Stick Reader is designed for real farm work, day-in, day-out. With a large display, it’s easy to read in both bright daylight and in the shade.

And when you’ve recorded all the animals you want, just transfer that information straight over to your office computer or other devices. You don’t even need cables.

These can also be downloaded from the Stick Reader to your computer or mobile device via bluetooth using our free NLIS Connect application or mobile app (Below) enabling you to record NLIS transfers and sightings.

Software & Apps for NLIS users

NLIS PC Connect
for Windows PC
image link to NLIS Connect download page
NLIS PC Connect is a simple application to allow users to download tags that have been scanned with the Stick Reader and upload them to the NLIS database.
Shearwell NLIS Connect
for iPhone & Android

The Shearwell NLIS Connect app helps you comply with NLIS regulations by connecting a Stick Read and sending movements to NLIS.

Other Configuration and Data Capture Apps

SDL Connect

For Windows®

SDL Connect

For Mac®

EID Connect

For Android™

EID Connect

For iPhone®
Stick Reader
SDL400S - Red Handle
Stick Reader
SDL440S - Blue Handle

Red or blue? You can make the most of your Stick Reader regardless of whether you use Android devices, iPhones, iPads, PCs or Macintosh computers. We produce two versions of the Stick Reader (red handled for Android, PCs and Macintosh computers, blue handled if you also want to communicate with iPhones and iPads). Choose in the shop the one you need.

See how much time and effort you can save using the Shearwell Stick Reader in this short video. Scan and record IDs of even small lambs without stooping and transfer information wirelessly to other devices.

Made for farmers like you

Shearwell Stick Reader with four call outs pointing to more detailed explanation of features.
Red & Green Lights
Easy-to-Read screen
Single Button Use
Grip Handle / Battery
Image displaying end of stick reader with red and green lights illuminated
As well as an audible 'beep' on each read there is also a visual indication, green light for a new read and red light for duplicate read. perfect for loud environments and reading loose animals in a pen.
Close-up of stick reader screen with details of sheep EID
With a large backlit display, it’s easy to read in both bright daylight and in the shade.
Close-up of stick reader control button
The whole Stick Reader and all its features are operated from a single button.
Close-up of stick reader grip/ handle with battery pack removed.
Runs on standard or the included rechargeable AA batteries, which should give a minimum of 8 hours use.

4 x AA Rechargeable Battery Pack
AA Battery Charger – Stick Reader
240V Charger Cable – Stick Reader
12V Charger Cable – Stick Reader
Printer Paper Rolls
12V Charger – Printer
240V Charger – Printer
       Wireless Bluetooth Printer

The Shearwell Stick Reader also partners with our Wireless Mobile Printer for an on-the-fly hard copy print-out. It’s what many shearers use: animal ID scanned and recorded, animal sheared, label with ID printed out and pinned to the fleece – easy!

The printer weighs around 350g and it produces clear, high-quality thermal print-outs and, like our RFID stick readers, the printer is designed for real use and has a decent working day’s battery life producing high quality thermal print-outs of animal ID data. There's an optional belt clip that makes the printer particularly useful for marking fleeces in the shearing shed.

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