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SET Tag Applicator

We'll supply the applicator FREE if it's your first order with Shearwell and you are ordering 200 or more tags!

To confirm your eligibility, please call us on 1800 998 934 or request your free applicator using the notes section in your shopping cart.

Tagging Instructions

$22.00 incl GST

Turbo Tagger - Starter Pack

The future of high welfare, high throughput tagging

“The Turbo Tagger is a handy tool, simple to use and the ability to preload the cartridges prior to marking allows for extra time during marking to conduct additional tasks such as drenching or injections, rather than reloading individual tags for the next lamb. It certainly saves time and streamlines the tasks at hand.”
Caitlin Sleeman, Victoria.

A revolutionary way to tag your sheep...

Designed for our market leading SET Tag

Turbo Tagger starter pack - includes the applicator and 5 empty drums.
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Please note: SET Tags must be loaded into the drums by hand before they can be used with the Turbo Tagger.

Please see our instruction leaflet and video below.

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$155.00 incl GST

Drums for TurboTagger

Each drum cartridge holds 20 SET Tags.

It’s easy to load the drums by hand, and they are designed to be reused.

Please see our instruction leaflet and video below.

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$3.00 incl GST