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Management Crates

EID Weigh Crate

Automatic identification, weighing and recording for faster, more precise record keeping.

The Shearwell Weigh Crate, with Static Reader, antenna and electronic weigh scales, will automatically identify the animal and accurately record its weight.

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EID Auto Drafter

Auto Draft Management Crate

• Fully RFID-integrated
• Fast, accurate recording of weight and other data
• Hands free weighing and drafting
• An Android app to control drafting and record weights against EID tags

The Shearwell Auto Drafter combines an Android app, a Race Reader, antenna, weigh head and switcher. This is a rugged yet portable unit so you can take it wherever you need it.

Using the Shearwell Auto Drafter coupled with the Shearwell Intelligent Race Reader to scan the sheep tags allows you to draft out animals based on a flock list imported into the app as well as according to their current weight. And because all gates, the in gates and the multiple out gates, are controlled pneumatically, mob management becomes faster, fool-proof and much more effective.

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