Stick Reader




The SDL440S (identified with a blue handle) has all the features and connectivity of the SDL400S and adds the capability to work with our apps on iPhone® & iPad®.



Red & Green Lights
As well as an audible 'beep' on each read there is also a visual indication; a green light for a new read and a red light for a duplicate read. Perfect in noisy environments and when reading loose animals in a pen.
Easy-to-Read screen
With a large backlit display, it’s easy to read in both bright daylight and in the shade.
Single Button Use
All the functions of the Stick Reader are accessible through a single button.
Grip Handle / Battery
Runs on standard or the included rechargeable AA batteries, which should give a minimum of 8 hours use.


EID Connect App
for iPhone® and Android™

Shearwell’s EID Connect app enables users to connect a red-handled SDL400S (Android™ only) or blue-handled SDL440S EID Stick Reader to your Android™ device, iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®.

SDL Connect
for Mac and PC

Use this app with your Shearwell Data EID Stick Reader to retrieve reads from the Stick Reader's memory, configure the Stick Reader according to your needs and ensure the Stick Reader's date and time settings are correct.

NLIS Connect App
for iPhone® and Android™

NLIS Connect app has all the features of EID Connect with the added ability of after reading tags they can be sent to NLIS to record the movement of animals.

NLIS PC Connect
for Windows PC

NLIS PC Connect is a simple application to allow users of the Shearwell Data Stick Reader to download tags that have been scanned with the reader and upload them to the NLIS database.

Optional Equipment


Carrying case to keep your Shearwell Stick Reader and optional accessories safe and tidy


Mobile Printer for Stick Reader or Stock Recorder


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