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Stick Reader - SDL440S

A Stick Reader from Shearwell comes complete with everything you'll need to record, store and forward your animal IDs.

One person with this Stick Reader can quickly and accurately identify the electronic IDs of your livestock. In a pen, in a race or out in the field, simply point, scan, record and store the data – up to 16,000 animals and up to 26 management groups.

The Stick Reader is rugged, light weight at only 594g and built for a hard day’s work out on the farm. It has easy, single-button operation and a large display. And when you’re done, just transfer the data wirelessly over to your office computer or even to your mobile.

What's included with every Stick Reader:

• Shearwell Stick Reader (SDL440S)
• 4 x AA rechargeable battery pack
• AA battery charger
• 240V adaptor cable for charger
• 12V adaptor cable for charger
• PC software on CD & downloadable Mac version
• Android™ & iPhone® Apps available

$1,170.00 incl GST

Mobile Printer

Mobile Printer for Stick Reader or Stock Recorder

Get hard copy records on-the-fly, Scan and record the animal’s ID, print out the data and pin it to the fleece after shearing, for example. At around 350g (including battery and paper roll) this is a lightweight unit that produces easy-to-read thermal print-outs. You’ll get a decent working day’s battery life producing animal ID print-outs before needing to recharge. Battery charging takes 2 - 3 hours.

The printer pairs with your Stick Reader or Stock Recorder via Bluetooth

$594.00 incl GST

Print Paper for Mobile Printer

To be used with Shearwell's Mobile Printer

Sold in individual rolls

Available in normal and sticky paper

Sorry, this item is currently out of stock, check back soon

From $3.19 incl GST

Hard 'Carry All' Case for Stick Reader

Hard Case for Stick Reader and all Accessories

Keep and carry your Stick Reader and all its accessories in this protective, hard-shell carrying case. With cut-outs in the foam for the Stick Reader, printer, battery packs, printer rolls etc. you’ll be able to keep everything you need securely in one place and ready for use.

Currently out of stock, check back soon or contact us from more info

$148.50 incl GST

EID Connect - App for iPhone® & Android™

App for Android™ & Apple® iPhone® iPad®

Shearwell’s EID Connect app is the first to be released under the new Shearwell suite of software. It enables users to connect to an SDL400S Stick Reader (for Android) or SDL440S Stick Reader (for Android or iOS).

The EID (electronic identification) numbers are read from either electronic tags or bolus) and sent to EID Connect where they are stored in a group with other reads. The data can be shared via cloud storage, email or stored locally on the device.

• Use the app with a Shearwell EID Stick Reader
• Send tag reads to EID Connect wirelessly by Bluetooth
• Count animals with EID tags accurately and easily
• Download tags from the Stick Reader's memory
• Group tag reads for management purposes

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Please Note: iPhone app will only connect to the blue-handled Stick Reader (SDL440S)

$0.00 incl GST

SDL Connect - App for Mac & PC

Use this app with your Shearwell Data RFID Stick Reader to retrieve reads from the Stick Reader's memory, configure the Stick Reader according to your needs and ensure the Stick Reader's date and time settings are correct.

Tag reads you have downloaded with the app can be saved as a TextEdit file, a Numbers formatted spread sheet (if Numbers is available) or pasted into another application.

If you need a Bluetooth dongle for your Windows PC, we can supply one.

$0.00 incl GST

NLIS Connect - App for iPhone® & Android™

Connect via Bluetooth to your Stick Reader to read the RFID tags of your cattle, sheep or goats – or enter tag data using the keypad.

Use the app to store and group tag reads on your device in CSV format files and share via email or through cloud storage.

• Send movement data to NLIS
• Count RFID-tagged animals easily and accurately
• Download tag reads from the Stick Reader
• Group tag reads for management

Android app on Google Play Download on the App Store

Please Note: iPhone app will only connect with the SDL440S Stick Reader (the one with the blue handle).

$0.00 incl GST

NLIS PC Connect - Windows PC

NLIS PC Connect is a simple application to allow users of the Shearwell Data Stick Reader to download tags that have been scanned with the reader and upload them to the NLIS database.

NLIS PC Connect currently supports the following NLIS functions:

1. Producer to Producer Transfer.
2. NLIS Reports
3. Third Party Transfer.
4. Sighting.

$0.00 incl GST